The World of Emeria

Demo Map created using ‘’

Emeria, the world our group’s campaign is set in, is full of fantastical wonders and danger! How did we keep our rule of ‘everything as practical and real as possible’? 

We filmed the first few scenes in this fantasy world at The Arabia Mountain Ruins near Stone Mountain, GA. From there, we had the pleasure of filming the first town they come across, ‘Baelshire’, at The Georgia Renaissance Festival grounds thanks to Catie Osborne!

To continue the magic and realism, our set builder Alan Cassidy has built a Market Square, Gnome Home, Orcish Campfire and, one of our favorites, Episode 5s ‘Goblins Maze’! Each set dressed by handi-woman Ottilie Murray!

Deeper into the world of Emeria and into the minds of every character: Meet our writing team!

Matt Metzger, creator and founder of The Campaign Show.

Bill Szabrak, head writer and owner of many 1st Edition D&D manuals.

John Babcock, III, seasoned writer that Matt and Bill refuse to teach how to play tabletop games…because it’s funny.

Cathy Poley, sketch comedy writer and one part of ‘Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy’.