Our Story

The Campaign began as an idea by creator and long-time Game Master, Matt Metzger.

He pitched his idea of a live-action, fantasy web series to head writer of Sketchworks Comedy, Bill Szabrak. The two of them got additional local writers involved, Cathy Poley and John D. Babcock III.

Then came one simple post: ‘Casting Call: High Quality Comedic Fantasy Web Series’ which resulted in an amazing group of actors joining the cast. That post also lead to a call from Josh Warren, one of the founding members and runners of Action Show Studios. Loving the pitch, Action Show Studios agreed to join the team to make this happen.

Add into the mix other geniuses found along the way, including Alex Breijak and Bethany Michel (amazing make-up artists and Creator of Orcs!), Lisa Duncan (costuming, makeup, and all-around awesome), and Ottlie Murray (all-star crafty prop/set designer) and The Campaign came to life.

With a full party filled with passion, talent and ambition, the team that IS The Campaign looks forward to adventurous journey ahead.