Cast of The Campaign

Matt Metzger as Sid

Matt Metzger is an American actor who studied acting for film and TV as well as intensive improv at The New York Film Academy in NYC. Most of his work revolves around oddball characters, accents and comedy. His combined love for nerdery and acting has lead him way farther into his career than he ever imagined. From the small farm town to the city of Atlanta, Matt hopes to one day be sort of known.

Alli Noto as Barbara

Alli Noto (Barbra) is so excited to be a part of this show! Working with this cast and crew has been such a fun ride and she can’t wait to continue on the journey! Hailing from Rochester, NY, Alli went to college at Point Park University, majoring in acting, and has been based in Atlanta since 2016. Past credits include A View from the Bridge, a staged reading of The Clinic, and the inaugural season of the Atlanta AppCo Alumni Series. You’re gonna love this show. Huzzah!

Melissa McGrath as Dana

Melissa remembers little of her childhood, but she says she does remember being lifted by her toes from her nursery, and teleported to this planet with only three pennies in her diaper. She has always felt like an alien, until now, thanks to these gloriously outlandish creatures who remind her of the common folk in her home planet ‘Garkenshorken’.  She is endlessly grateful towards every creative alien involved to make such an exciting project a reality, and for MTV and it’s contributions toward’s her learning the English language.

Tom von Dohlen as Henry

Originally from West Virginia, Tom is a graduate of the University of Georgia and is happy to be an Atlanta transplant now! He is a self-proclaimed writer, director, and performer; most recently debuting his latest solo show, NOB, at ATL Fringe Festival. He couldn’t be happier to have luckily fallen into this amazing project with such wonderful people. Huzzah!

Jacob D. Jones as Lee

Jacob D. Jones is an actor/artist in Atlanta and is incredibly excited to have rolled well enough on his charisma check to join the cast of “The Campaign.” Most of his recent work has been in theatres around Atlanta, but he is excited to gain more on-set experience with such a wonderful cast and crew. Many thanks to his friends and family for their continued love and support!

Ryan Toto as Preston

Ryan Toto is an Atlanta based Actor and Improviser.  He is incredibly proud of this show and cannot wait for you all to enjoy the magic and love that went into creating it. When not on set for The Campaign you can see him at The Basement Theatre where he regularly performs improv. HUZZAH!

Mike Morrison as Rick

Mike Morrison (Rick) is excited to make his Internet debut in The Campaign. When he isn’t playing Rick, Mike spends many a weekend performing improv comedy at The Basement Theatre in Atlanta, GA.  He has also appeared in ‘Better Watch Out’, ‘Girls Day Out’, and ‘Photobomb’. In his free time he enjoys drawing, exercising, and reading comic books. Mike thanks you for coming along on The Campaign’s fantastic adventure and hopes that you will find it as thrilling as he does!